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A while ago I found on a fellow blogger’s site the phrase “Have Faith In The Process”

I’m very much into this now. I’m looking good but really not seeking MAJOR shifts (though the fat has started to melt off). I know I’m doing the right thing so I’m having faith int he process, following my plan and we’ll see where we are at a month from now.

In the meantime I tried out a new Pre Workout (1.M.R Vortex) and I can only say one thing. THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS OR ANYONE WITH HEART ISSUES. I’ve seen loads of tubs say this about their product but this is the first time it really felt like “holy mother…..” as it started to set in.

Anyway for a progress pic 8 days into the April Pledge. We’ll see how we are doing 4 weeks from now! Might take another pic next week same-time if I have something to brag about haha.



This weekend I got a real “ants in my pants” moment of passion for the exercise and in the morning of Saturday, while waiting for my gym to open (in China gyms all open in the late morning or afternoon – WHAT!.. I know right?) I went for a long run through the streets of Shanghai. It was one of the most satisfying runs I have had for ages and in no small part thanks to the Polar Watch I’ve been going on about. Thanks to the polar watch I know that in the 1 hour and 10 minutes I was running in the outdoor heat, my heart rate averaged 164 and hit a peak of 178bpm. The other good thing to read was that (before fair “give or take”) I earned myself 1,200 calories burned during the course of my city-wide run.

During this run I put my finger on two very important things anyone who street-runs knows about street running versus treadmill running. Below are the two Murphy’s Laws of street running (from the famous Murphy’s law that “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”)

Murphy’s First Law of Street Running:

If you are street running in a city – you will either get a non-stop flow going or you will hit every pedestrian red light available between you an your destination… and have to wait for a considerable time at each one.

Murphy’s Second Law of Street Running

While running, once you are half way (thus furthest from your home) you will either not need the toilet or be absolutely bursting…. there is no in-between in street running.

All jokes aside, it was an amazing run. It also gave me a great excuse to skip legs during the gym that afternoon. I went on Saturday, took a mild rest on Sunday just going for a long walk and then yesterday I trained again. Given my continuing goal of losing fat and gaining muscle, I was combining high cardio with intense muscle work in supersets (e.g. going 10 ski-abs from the INSANITY workout immediately followed by 5 pull-ups, then repeated 5 times for 1 set.

Something really made my day though. The more regular of you followers will recall that my gym owner is in his mid-forties, Chinese with no English ability at all, and absolutely stacked. Well yesterday while I was working out, one of the gym goers comes up to me and starts asking me in his broken English a series of questions about my workout, what protein I’m taking etc. The whole time the “coach” (owner) is looking on curiously. My new friend sees me noticing and says “the coach asked me what you were drinking. He thinks you are very strong. He says you come almost every day”.

……he noticed! 🙂

Anyway, I realise I owed you all a progress picture yesterday and forgot (shame on me). Please go easy on me – I’ve just had a month off for my two weddings! As such I’m going to be comparing an overall progress from Week 1.