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A while ago I found on a fellow blogger’s site the phrase “Have Faith In The Process”

I’m very much into this now. I’m looking good but really not seeking MAJOR shifts (though the fat has started to melt off). I know I’m doing the right thing so I’m having faith int he process, following my plan and we’ll see where we are at a month from now.

In the meantime I tried out a new Pre Workout (1.M.R Vortex) and I can only say one thing. THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS OR ANYONE WITH HEART ISSUES. I’ve seen loads of tubs say this about their product but this is the first time it really felt like “holy mother…..” as it started to set in.

Anyway for a progress pic 8 days into the April Pledge. We’ll see how we are doing 4 weeks from now! Might take another pic next week same-time if I have something to brag about haha.



First the good news: my April Pledge month seems to be shaping up to be quite nice, I’ve got set exercises to no time is wasted wondering how to spend the next 6 minutes on that muscle and I’m really enjoying myself.

Also having this new drive in my life has a knock-on affect. I want to be more helpful around the house for my wife, doing ironing, washing dishes at 630 in the morning. I’m all round just feeling like a better person – coming out the tunnel of my recent bout of sloth and alcohol-dependence.

The bad news. For some reason, my Bruxism has returned (grinding teeth in your sleep) so my jaw hurts every morning and way more than the muscles I worked the day before. …weird.

But the really bad news. Yesterday was legs and core…. i now find myself walking around the office like a zombie with cerebral palsy…

Well it’s begun. Just as promised last night, I have begun my April Pledge with a semi-smooth start.

My schedule overcommitted me from the get-go as I could not do my chest exercises last night. Reason being very fair: IT TOOK TWO HOURS TO BUILD EVERYTHING and by the time I was done my back felt like it was about to split in two. I decided instead to rest early and get my morning workout in.

Which I did 🙂

Tuesday’s are CORE days. So I started this morning with 30 minutes of upper and lower abs. I did drop sets of
10 weighted situps,10 free sit ups
10 leg raises,
9 weighted situps,
9 free sit ups
10 leg raises,

Etc until it was 1 weighted situp, 1 free sit up and 10 leg raises. This was done without rest and I did it at the start and end of my workout. In the middle I performed 1-min planks couple with 15x leg raises as a repeating set with 30 seconds break.

Tonight is this above again combined with some plyometric and leg-work.

On an emotional note – I’m really dedicated to getting this done. I looked back on my blog and my body has REALLY gone backwards in the last 2 months… Very sad to see but just a reminder that a body to be proud of is something you have to put in the work for.

On the bright side, I’m just thrilled about my new piece of kit, so thrilled I thought I would share photos.





…because I got married last year and my anniversary is approaching? No.

…because I nailed a recent conference, impressing several of our industry’s biggest players? No.

…because I ordered my Bowflex 1090 set including incline bench and mat from the internet and it arrived in less than 24 hours? HELL YEAAAAAH!

I have literally been at my desk all day, dying to get home to build this mother and get it all set up. I’ve had youtube videos going on in the background while I’ve been working talking about form and technique to get me amped for a hardcore new regime.

Most importantly, I’ve followed me own advice – make a plan – and execute. I’ve written myself a little spreadsheet called my “April Pledge”. It’s got a plan for the next five weeks of this month and it has tickboxes for “yes or no” on whether I followed that day’s plan. It’ll go for the next five weeks and the hope is that I’ll be able to show you folks a solid before and after picture as well as a sheet filled with circled “Y” boxes.

The hope for the result of my April Pledge:

  1. Kick my body in the ass and get back to old-school GottaGetFitter attitude
  2. Feel better about myself
  3. Get ripped for my anniversary

Again I just wanna say thanks to everyone following. I know some of you are spammers but there are also some really good folks amongst you who have been seriously supportive (hello Ice Badger) so thank you!

GGF – out!

Hey all!

Just wanted to update you that the beast is back. This week is conference week so getting to the gym is tough but Friday night will be MY NIGHT! I’m aiming for a 3 day blitz before getting back into the normal rhythm.

They beautiful news is – all it took was one or two trips to the gym, and it’s like nothing changed (Attitude-wise).

Just a short one but as a reminder for all:


it might be all you need to find yourself again.