April 9th – Faith in the Process

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A while ago I found on a fellow blogger’s site the phrase “Have Faith In The Process”

I’m very much into this now. I’m looking good but really not seeking MAJOR shifts (though the fat has started to melt off). I know I’m doing the right thing so I’m having faith int he process, following my plan and we’ll see where we are at a month from now.

In the meantime I tried out a new Pre Workout (1.M.R Vortex) and I can only say one thing. THIS IS NOT FOR BEGINNERS OR ANYONE WITH HEART ISSUES. I’ve seen loads of tubs say this about their product but this is the first time it really felt like “holy mother…..” as it started to set in.

Anyway for a progress pic 8 days into the April Pledge. We’ll see how we are doing 4 weeks from now! Might take another pic next week same-time if I have something to brag about haha.


  1. Ice_Badger says:

    faith in the process is a good thing to remember…

    but it is soooo hard when the process feels so slow! (for me anyway 🙂 )

    yeay for progress, even small changes make a huge difference 😀

    • Thanks! I looked at this photo and the ones in January and it’s clear I have not yet atoned for my wicked ways over my three month lull. But I know what I want and how I plan to get there. I think it’s also about keeping realistic (i.e. not checking the mirror after each situp haha.)

      I know the process feels slow but like you say, even the small changes. Sometimes they are hard to see so even at the very least you should enjoy the fact that you’re FEELING better about yourself. 🙂 Because your health is not purely aesthetic, it’s also a state of mind 🙂

      • Ice_Badger says:

        haha…if you checked in the mirror after each sit up you would get written off as a gym poser :-p
        (which I am pretty sure you aren’t!)

        I do feel so much better and I am so much fitter/stronger it is crazy! It is frustrating that the shape and size thing lags behind, although I know this is not the be all and end all 😉
        to be honest there is a huge difference if I remember to look at my before and now photos but I can only see how far there is to go 🙂
        I need to look at this more…and maybe take another photo as the last one was in January!

      • Yeah, the shape/size thing with come – trust the process 😉

        For me the photos are such an important part of tracking progress. Sometimes you’re having those “shitty” days where you look in the mirror and wonder what you’ve been busting your ass for, then you find an old photo and realise, little by little and step by step you’re getting there.

        And PS you’re progress pics in the link are awesome and you’re defo on route to a big win! Since it’s April now, maybe time for a 12 month update? 🙂

      • Ice_Badger says:

        THanks 😀
        you are right, I should take more progress photos 🙂 Id does make a difference to look back!
        Maybe I will do one on my birthday…the first one was take on my birthday last year!

      • Sounds like a good plan to me 🙂

        Speaking of which your deadline for dance in a mask is my birthday – June 23rd! We were clearly fated to be co-dependent bloggers haha.

      • Ice_Badger says:

        hahaha 😀

        that is excellent 😀

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