March 31st – Officially the happiest man on earth

Posted: March 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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…because I got married last year and my anniversary is approaching? No.

…because I nailed a recent conference, impressing several of our industry’s biggest players? No.

…because I ordered my Bowflex 1090 set including incline bench and mat from the internet and it arrived in less than 24 hours? HELL YEAAAAAH!

I have literally been at my desk all day, dying to get home to build this mother and get it all set up. I’ve had youtube videos going on in the background while I’ve been working talking about form and technique to get me amped for a hardcore new regime.

Most importantly, I’ve followed me own advice – make a plan – and execute. I’ve written myself a little spreadsheet called my “April Pledge”. It’s got a plan for the next five weeks of this month and it has tickboxes for “yes or no” on whether I followed that day’s plan. It’ll go for the next five weeks and the hope is that I’ll be able to show you folks a solid before and after picture as well as a sheet filled with circled “Y” boxes.

The hope for the result of my April Pledge:

  1. Kick my body in the ass and get back to old-school GottaGetFitter attitude
  2. Feel better about myself
  3. Get ripped for my anniversary

Again I just wanna say thanks to everyone following. I know some of you are spammers but there are also some really good folks amongst you who have been seriously supportive (hello Ice Badger) so thank you!

GGF – out!

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    This sounds like an awesome plan!
    I might steal it and make my own version…of the pledge…I am not stealing your Bowflex (which sounds awesome), or making my own version of it because that would seem difficult!
    Maybe a pledge of some variety will give me the kick I need to add mornings to my work outs!

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