God Bless Chinese Business Practices

Posted: January 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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China has recently taken the brunt of a lot of comments regarding poor business practices. I am 100% on board with a lot of these, particularly health and safety, corruption etc etc.

But for the first time this has worked in my favour without me having to deny my moral compass. I told you earlier this week that my gym is under renovation. Yesterday I walked by an ALL THE MACHINES ARE IN THE CORRIDOR OF THE CONDO REC-CENTER. “ah” I thought to myself “they must be storing the equipment here”.

I was wrong. The owner, despite the obvious hazards has set up his gym in the much larger corridor and management is turning a blind eye! THE GYM IS FUNCTIONAL AGAIN!!! Just… in very public view haha.

*Doing a little dance*

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    hahahahaha..that is crazy, but very handy 🙂

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