I recently came across an article regarding Trans Fats and the FDA’s ‘War’ on it. I’m not sure if your familiar but as a review, last month the FDA (Food & Drug Administration of the USA) declared that companies are to begin reducing (to eventual elimination) trans fats in food. Now if you have been living under a rock or are generally unaware of why trans fats are bad, click the link above or at the bottom of the post for all the information.

At first I welcomed the news – heralded it as some healthy sanity in the FDA based on clear evidence about the health impact of trans fats. As soon as I learned about trans fats – I made a concerted effort to avoid them because I love my heart and I want it to treat me well when I’m older. Also as the medical claims go: This change could potentially prevent 7,000 deaths and 20,000 heart attacks a year, said FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg.

While I still stand by the FDA’s decision to phase out trans fats and say it’s a victory for the healthy consumer, it makes me sad that they had to go any further than the 2006 law enforcing that trans-fat content must be displayed. It speaks to an endemic issue within most western societies where we seem to feel that our health is everyone else’s problem. We see people blaming fast food for them being fat or the candy marketing targeting kids. But an intelligent “pro-active” population should not need the FDA to step in.

To break this down – in a capitalist society like most of ours (including my native Britain) your purchasing dollar, pound, euro, whatever is the power  behind a brand. The more it is purchased, the more encouraged a product is because in obvious supply and demand – if the public wants more, make more.

So here is my point, it makes me sad that Trans-Fat products are not naturally being phased out as a result of an educated public making an active decision to stop buying products containing trans-fats. It makes me sad that we see people looking to blame products and brands for weight gain when all of the information is there. If you have gained weight because you eat high-trans fat foods, accept responsibility and make a decision, don’t push the blame to companies who make whatever you keep buying.

When I gained weight in university, I didn’t say my university should have had a healthy eating plan, I said I should stop drinking beer, eating hula hoops and not exercising. Those who do not take responsibility for their own health will never make progress – period.

Article on Trans Fats: http://www.recallcenter.com/fda-declares-war-trans-fats/

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  2. circulovital says:

    Nossa alimentação é o combustível que nos mantém vivos. Se a humanidade tivesse um pingo de consciência sobre os riscos de uma alimentação artificial, não veríamos tantas pessoas, jovens em sua maioria, morrendo de infarto e outras doenças cardiovasculares.

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