This weekend I got ambitious to say the least. Perhaps it was my new playlist (usually is) or maybe it was just that this last week I’ve slacked a bit and I was in the mood to show myself I tough I can be.

On Friday I had intended to go to the gym. But thanks to several last minute (emergency) work items, I didn’t leave office until 8pm and I had a dinner to go to (was hoping to gym BEFORE the dinner). I left my gym stuff at work and went dejectedly to dinner.

Saturday was not going to be the same so I woke up, walked to the office in my running gear, slammed my gym stuff on my back and started running. I ran just less than an hour.

28th September (Saturday)

I usually run about 10 mins more but today I decided to save myself… why? Because my finish line was – the gym! I arrived at my condo gym and immediately launched into core, shoulders and biceps exercises. I did a full hour on top of the running time and went back home. The amazing thing was – I was still pumped! (In a lot of pain) but pumped!

Sunday I didn’t do a Mega-Workout but I did push hard on a lot of fat burners. I did a lot of squats, lunges and 1,2,3, Heisman’s (spelling?) while carrying a 5Kg weight in each hand. With each squat or lunge, I did either a fly or a front lift with the weights to engage the shoulders and put some pressure on the core to balance. The result – feeling pretty chuffed with myself:

29th September (sunday)29th September (sunday)2


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