10 Worst Types of Gymmers … Ever

Posted: September 27, 2013 in Fitness
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All of us gymmers here know that there are those that respect the gym and the other gym goers and those who should just be locked in the smoking room of a club for 10 hours until they agree to change their ways. Below are some of my classics and while not in direct correlation they do irritate me somewhatin this order, (10 being my arch nemesis).

These are both men and women (in some cases) and I think we know them all…….

1: Mr Mobile

This particular gentleman is so important that frankly, your mental psych-up for the next set is not nearly as important as “YEAH I’m in the gym! What? Wha… GYM. I”M IN THE GYM. YEAH I CAN TALK…”not for long you can’t…

2: Narcissus

Okay – we all do this a bit. We all look in the mirror after a set and can’t help but feel great about ourselves as the muscles start to tighten and expand. But then there are the guys where you want to know if they just don’t have a mirror of their own and if they are actually here to work out at all?

3: Narcissus Elite

These folks really know how to step it up a notch. Looking at yourself in the mirror after a set is nothing to this guy. Why? It doesn’t last! You look at yourself then it’s over. This guy wants to savour the moment, capturing picture after picture of his body. I take pictures of my body……AT HOME….. the gym is a gym – not your modelling studio buddy.

4: Predator Pete

This annoys me on women’s behalf. Predator Pete is the reason there are women’s areas in a lot of gyms. Why, Mr Pete, do you keep pacing up and down that particular area just behind Ms “I’m Not Here For You” as she starts doing her squats. Really, is it so hard to keep your eyes to yourself. Nothing wrong with nodding and smiling if you happen to see each other in the mirror but now leave it, otherwise you’re the equivalent of the guy at the end of the bar just drooling into his drink as he stares at a woman’s chest.

5: Brad, the Bench Hog

I think we all know this dude. And we all know what we want to do to him so I won’t go further here.

6: Danny DJ

Readers – Your music is terrible. This guy knows. And he is doing you SUCH a favour. He is sacrificing his battery and his phone speakers so you can listen to some real music….. like David Guetta or … David Guetta…

7: BFF’s

These guys (or girls) are best friends forever. They are all here to support each other, moving around in a talkative bubble that never seems to move. This mass of people are the equivalent of those guys who hang around the bar in a huge group, leaving the rest of us scrambling on the corner for the bartender’s attention.

8: Monsieur (S)we(a)t Patch

Bring a towel – wipe down when you are done. END – OF – STORY.

9: Shirtless Shane

This guy is usually item 2 & 3 also. A lot of times, they have a lot to brag about (while a lot also don’t) but the truth is this – unless the air conditioning has gone into reverse and is kicking out hot air at 40 degrees C – put the shirt on so the rest of us don’t need to worry about Mr 2&3 gradually becoming Mr 8.

10: Misplacement Mike (My Arch Nemesis)

I can’t stand this a**hole. And usually neither can gym managers/trainers. If you’ve picked up the 20Kg weights off the rack, in the area marked 20Kg, between the 18Kg and the 22Kg…. why does logic tell you to return the weights (if you bother at all) to the 40Kg section. And why are there always so many of you. This leaves the good organized gym goers walking around with a 15kg dumbell in one hand picking up weights around the floor looking for the other one.

I think I covered the major ones but go on and rant: WHO IS YOUR GYMMER NIGHTMARE/ARCH-NEMESIS?

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    In the gym…or in the street…or in tescos…or wherever…people should wear tops in public! I don’t care how hot it is or how many muscles they have, public places should involve clothes!

    IN the gym, mind you, worse for me is the poser types who give you the “what are you doing in this free weights area you are a girl” look…which has a measure of “if you are a girl you should at least have the decency to be eye candy…” annoyed look about it!

    Although I admit that the look goes away once they have seen me do my Thai Boxing training with Matt the Trainer in the middle of the gym…

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