September 25th – Rain, Rain Bugger Off!

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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Last night my conference call was cancelled. But with TRXForce done in the morning – no worries for the evening! Sadly with another conference call this evening, I was going to do TRXForce in the mornign again  – Well this morning I woke up, ready for action and it was RAINING! This makes it impossible to do my TRX outside as the ground is wet and I’d rather not slide crotch-first into my anchorpoint-pole while doing Squat-To-T movements.

So what to do? Well it’s obvious isn’t it? I’m either going to run home to do the gym or I’ll do TRX after my conference call. …the things my poor wife puts up with! Thursday will have to be another TRX morning session as we have a fancy dinner planned.


Side note – I’m seriously considering becoming a personal trainer as a side-job / hobby-job. I’m passionate about fitness and I love sharing that passion. Gyms all require membership AND a cut of your earnings though so some kind of outdoor workouts or something might be best. Anyone got tips?


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