September 24th: TRXForce – Finally!

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Okay – bit cheesed here. Wrote an entire entry, only for it to publish as a  blank post so I need to re-write which little arduous, so please forgive that this is the short version of my intended post:

As you all know, I’ve been dying to really get into my TRXForce as a supplement to my gym work. Something always got in the way (my fear of taking the door down, not finding an anchor point in the home, then finally I found an anchorpoint and was ready to go but woke up with stomach pains yesterday.

Determined, I got up early this morning – 645am, ready for action. I drank some morning juice, walked down to my anchor point and then – disaster! My tree (my anchorpoint) was covered in ants and spiders (okay – one spider) and so I couldn’t use it lest i bring all of those critters back into my home.

Slightly depressed, I packed my back and walked around my condo dejectedly looking at all the anchorpoints I could not use. And then I found my goldmine – the old folks’ exercise area! The area came complete with a tall unit for light arm work which had, at 7ft high, a horizontal anchor point – PRAISE THE LORD!

And so at 715 am this morning, I began my first full TRX workout – happy as a clam.

Rocking the TRX on the old folks' exercise machine.

Rocking the TRX on the old folks’ exercise machine.


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