23 September (2): The Little Things

Posted: September 23, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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Today I went to the gym. It’s no big deal but here’s the thing – I’ve been saying I have been feeling depressed lately, and I really should have taken some of my own advice on the science of working out as it pertains to happiness – because now I feel AWESOME!

As per my last post, I couldn’t do TRX this morning due to the Meat Hangover Mystery and that made me a little sad but more importantly – it really pissed me off! I finally get the ‘get-go’ to get back into working out (outside the running) and then POW – I feel like crap.

This evening, I decided I wasn’t going to let it mean another day of inactivity so I got home, immediately got changed, chugged some energy powder then went down to the gym and pounded it for an hour. Worked every major muscle group in a series of focussed supersets – Legs / Chest / Upper Arms / Back. This way I didn’t exhaust anything – BECAUSE I’M STILL GOING TO GET UP AND DO TRX TOMORROW and I refuse to give myself another excuse.

And to make myself feel better I took a couple shots of myself after the gym (always likely to cheer me up as (like everyone) I always look best after a workout.


Also, today I got the best news! I have done a lot of 10K races and one 15K race, usually my runs are around 10-12K on weekends. But I’ve always wanted to try a half marathon. This is totally not what someone focussing on Hypertrophy should be looking to achieve but it’s just one of those things. Running is my escape – always has been. Plus for me it’s not the running itself, it’s a quantifiable “i did it” challenge. Sad news it the Marathons are always when I’m out of town. But not this year!! Shanghai is hosting it’s International Marathon in December and I’ll be signing up for the Half Marathon. Colour me happy 🙂

Photo taken from last year along “The Bund”. Just…. Just… wow!


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