22nd September: It’s Been A While

Posted: September 22, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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Well, with the recent business travels, I have neglected this blog. My exercises also to a certain extent but not entirely. As you could probably see in my last post, I’ve been getting a bit down lately and it’s affected my motivation.

I have had to engage in a serious fight with Pete (reference to inner pessimist. Click to see more) to move past this. My latest excuse was a valid one: after work it is getting harder to go to the gym for even one hour as it’s taking a toll on the time I can spend with my wife (she can’t go to my gym which is almost exclusively for men) and with work schedules it means I don’t see her until 9pm. As such I stopped working out so often in the evenings. Then I’m faced with a new problem – I want to work out in the mornings, thus freeing up my evenings but Insanity hurts my joints (and scares the bejeesus out of my cats), running isn’t going to do much for any goals of hypertrophy and my gym doesn’t open in the morning. So what do I do? Until recently – nothing.

And it depressed me immensely. I felt more and more, each day, like I would never get back into my zone. Before my wedding I was doing great – super intense and I was constantly working toward my goal but since then, it’s been excuse after excuse.

Well today before going on a run to cheer myself up I saw my TRX Force kit in it’s bag. I hadn’t used it properly, only in passing on the door frame for a bit of a time-killer. It occurred to me that the bag would be useful to carry my mobile and things but then it dawned on me: The entire concept of the TRX Force is that you can train anywhere, anytime. It’s a great corebuilder and would be a great way to workout on mornings when I’m not going to the gym. I thought, hey, I’ll bring the kit with me, I may find a great spot on my run.

Well I got back from my run which was a good – as you can see:


I didn’t find a good area on the route though which would be secluded enough for me to do my workout free from the stares and glares of the Shanghainese. But I didn’t give up and when I cam back, I sneaked through the small central garden in our compound, looking for a large and solid tree.




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