Day 66 – August 28th: Just Can’t Shake That Feeling.

Posted: August 28, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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I owe you guys a progress picture from Monday. I took the picture on Monday but just didn’t have the time to write the go-along as I had client dinner (which promptly turned into client drinks until 1:30am). I have noticed that my fitness regime is leading to good results in terms of fat burning but I’m not building muscle quickly which means I need to improve my protein intake. But as my unofficial blog-mentor of motivation: mimigettingfit would say: trust the process (i.e. don’t get disheartened and have faith in your regime). Muscles aside, one thing I’m relieved to see is that those pesky love handles I’m so self-conscious of are disappearing 🙂Image

Now to explain the reason for the title (and thus bring a bit of a downer on this whole blog. Since I have come back from my wedding, I have tried to be motivated and get back that same drive I had pre-wedding but I’ve not shown nearly the same dedication nor drive. When I’m in the gym or when I’m running, yeah I push like a dog but I’m going less frequently and making less wise choices on diet (though for the most part still holding out). I have, by no means, lost all drive but it’s feeling like an effort.

And here’s why: Life gets in the way of this favourite hobby of mine. My job is currently really nagging at me. I am in sales and have these great ideas to really build things up but due to some issues I’m having with the senior management, it almost feels like they haven’t earned it from me… What a horrible thing to think! The whole thing, honestly, has made me call into question WHAT DO I ENJOY? I used to love my job but I feel I could do so much more…

I recently even fantasised about starting my own sports apparel brand. I listened to speeches by apparel entrepreneurs like Sara Blakely (inventor and owner of Spanx) and felt so inspired, but I lack the funding (or the balls) (or the immigration status!) to be able to do it without leaving China first. I have loads of job opportunities within my industry but my industry (though I’m good at it and even up for an award in it!) but I’m not sure I want to stay in the industry.

Anyway just wanted to put it out there to the world (as I have a select few people I can talk to about this) and just say I just can’t seem to shake this feeling of pessimism. I wish I could just start a sports brand, become a personal trainer and make loads of money but these are all just dreams.

Sorry to unload on y’all!


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