Day 62 – August 24th: Unforgettable Run..

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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Today I went for a run, nothing new. I pounded the pavement in the intense 33 degree heat, phone strapped to my arm, ipod strapped to my shorts and Polar band strapped to my chest.

I wasn’t expecting it but it actually turned out to be the most amazing run I’ve been on in a very long time. Because I burned a lot of calories? No. Did I run further than ever before? No. It wasn’t even because I ran harder than ever before…

I got lost. And it was amazing. I live in the centre of Shanghai so you have two types of roads – busy main roads with wide pavements or little roads with tiny pavements which (especially on the weekend) are laden with people. I listen mostly to rock music and metal to keep the pace and the grit to push as I run in between the cars in traffic or jump over the pedestrian gate to get past the crowds with the motorcycles but then today, whilst using my internal compass to work my way back to a familiar road I stumbled on something I hadn’t seen before in Shanghai – an abandoned road. I don’t just mean an alleyway but a stretch of road where there was a completely abandoned mall to my left and an empty carpark to my right. It was…. just peaceful. I immediately changed the song on my iPod to something more reflective… took a moment… and took a picture.


It looks a bit Walking Dead but was actually a really amazing moment for me. Sadly I was lucid enough to take a picture but not lucid enough at this, the 45 minute mark to remember the street name. …sigh

Anyway the run was good as proven by both my Polar Watch Stats:


The proof is in the sweatmarks left behind when you collapse on the bench outside your house though in a crucifix position.



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