Day 61 – August 23rd: You’re an episcopalian?…

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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…’no’ I repeat slowly. ‘A pescitarian‘.

Whether it’s my sleepy mumble or just the shock that makes me need to repeat this every time I’m not sure. Most of you are probably aware that a pescitarian is someone who is following a vegetarian diet with the exception of seafood. It’s a very new change and not one I have adjusted to well.

People’s shock when I tell them I decided to become pescitarian is understandable if you have known me a long time. My whole life I have been a meat-loving, vegetarian-teasing exercise junkie. The idea that overnight I stopped eating meat is enough to stop people in their track. I did it for a variety of personal and moral reasons (the same reasons that will ultimately make me vegetarian probably) but I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m mostly wondering how to maintain the work I’m doing without gaining weight off carbs or losing muscle from protein loss. Luckily my wife and I are doing this together and she is chef of the century in my world, always concocting new ideas (last night was eggplant (grilled to become smoked mini-pizzas) with smoked salmon and sour cream (home-made) with a herb I’m not going to try and remember the name of. It was freaking delicious.

I have consulted the internet and found there are actually many great pescitarian recipes thanks to the wide range of seafood but also legumes, quinoa, etc which are high protein and fiber and good for bodybuilders and athletes. I have also started taking the protein powder again on gym days to ensure the muscles aren’t burned for energy and I have enough protein for the muscle growth.

It’s going to be a challenge but the single biggest challenge of all is STAYING AWAKE. I never realised it but meat provides a source of energy (and a lot of Vitamin B12) which I’m now missing. The other risk is that with a carb-heavy diet, my blood-sugar is all over the shop. It will take a while to adjust but I think I should be fine in a couple weeks. If I’m going to do it, I should really commit from the beginning (though my boss may disagree given how I looked during our skype call recently).

Tonight: Gym time. I’m doing back, shoulders and biceps.

Tomorrow: Run, then gym: chest triceps core

Sunday: Legs (if they’re okay from run), and all round cardio burn.

Wish me luck folks and I’ll have a progress photo for you on Monday.


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