Day 52 – 14th August – You know you’ve had a good workout when….

Posted: August 14, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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…you’re too terrified to hold freeweights over your face.

Allow me to explain. Yesterday morning I promised you that in the evening I would be doing 1 hour of intense supersets and giant sets involving large muscle groups. The intention was to keep the heart rate high, keep the calories burning without exhausting any one particular muscle (thus meaning I could work harder and get the most from my workout). Well I hit a high of 175bpm and averaged, over the course of an hour, 147bpm so I would say that’s a very good workout all in all considering it went up and down around that range meaning solid interval training.

I did a lot of squats (sumo and standard weighted squats with 80kg on the smith-machine and everything was going well until I managed to split my shorts open. I don’t know if you have even been exercising and heard a rip half way through your set but I was faced with an epic dilemma – keep going and risk repeatedly flashing my CK’s or stop the set and check out the damage. …. Well I knew after my shorts had ripped I would probably put the legs on hold for the rest of the session so I went for it. (luckily only a minor crotch tear and not a gaping rip down my butt!

Well there are many ways to tell you had a good high-intensity fat burning workout:

  • Have faith that the exercise you planned was effective because of the science
  • Because it’s getting harder to move onto the next set each time as you feel more and more out of breath and light headed no matter what you drink.
  • OR (as what happened to me)
  • You switch dumbell flies for doing flies on the cables because you’re genuinely concerned you might drop the dumbells on your face from fatigue.

I’m feeling amazing today because while I’m mildly achey, the plan succeeded – I had a high intensity workout but nothing is worn down to the point it can’t be worked today. So today my focus is on Chest and Triceps. I will be throwing in some core and legs at the beginning though as I continue to try keeping the calorie-burning leg exercises and ab-sculpting as a regular part of the routine.

See you in the gym.

Ah and as a side note.. I’ve been sitting at my desk at work fantasising about creating my very own sports-wear brand… but that’s for another day

  1. nbuchan says:

    Been there with the short splitting! Its definitely the result of the hypertrophic effect of your workouts and great squat and deadlift form…Badge of honour! Congrats on the hard work too…Sounds like your getting amazing intensity to your workouts.

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