Day 51 – August 13th – Confession Time

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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So as a result of my 1 month wedding holiday, I’ve officially spend more time not doing this blog than doing it. I’ve nearly reset to my pre-blog size and weight and feel like I need to start over again. It was VERY tempting to say “since I am starting over pretty much, I’ll go back to day one”. … very tempting.

But here’s the deal. Changing your lifestyle is all about mindset and if I restart now, what’s to stop be “restarting” each time I go on holiday or have a business trip. That’s not the nature of a fitness journey. As such, at the risk of my pride, I’m labelling this, more accurately – Day 51. I may now be the worst example of the magazine cover promises “get a 6 pack in 30 days with these 4 exercises” but hey… they’re full of crap anyway.

Last night I got invited out with a friend to a meal and sadly had to skip my gym for it as I was not planning for the dinner. However I stuck to my guns and ate healthily. I have cous-cous, wholemeal pasta, tofu, white beans and quinoa (Spelling?!) seeds in one lovely dish (though I ditched the tofu which was way too funky for my liking.

With that minor accomplishment under my belt I’m back in the gym today. I’m going to do an hour of 4 set circuits doing all body just to get myself ramped up again. So as not to exhaust the muscles (this is just a fat burner and muscle primer, not my hypertrophy training) each set will combine Legs, Chest, Shoulders and Abdominal. Legs and chest are big muscles so they are great for fat burning. Abdominals and shoulders should provide a good heart rate stabliser between high intensity exercises, thus meaning I will get more out of each set.

See you all tomorrow – keep fit everyone 🙂


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