Posted: August 11, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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I’m have returned after my almost 1 month hiatus and am really touched you have kept in touch and are still reading despite my failure to keep you all informed.

Well here is how things stand. My body has not taken too much of a toll from all the boozing and treats as I maintained a healthy workout regimen, even while on holiday. I hung with my trainer, Mansor in Singapore and trained myself in the UK.

So here’s the deal. The office-body to beach-body journey has not stopped now I’m married. If anything I’m more motivated to look my best.

I must ACT like a married man and TRAIN like a bachelor! I must BE a good husband but have the abs of a man on the loose! (This is a pre-approved message from my wife ;))

I am planning on hitting the gym 6 times a week and while I will be knocking out a variety of exercises to keep things shaken up, I will be maintaining a superset/mega-set format to keep the fat burning high as well as hitting the legs 2-3 times a week minimum.

Now I’m back I’ll be blogging as much as ever so keep in touch, keep following and keep sharing your ideas!

Thanks everyone!


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