Day 18 – 11th July: Make The Gym Your Happy-Pill

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary, Motivation
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Well not long now until my wedding! There is still so much to pack before my flight tomorrow back home and still so much to arrange. We have last minute drop outs which kind of brings me down, I’ve got plenty going on at work that my poor boss is going to have to take over during my one month vacation and I have so much anxiety (not because of the bride or the fact I’m getting married, ironically just the event itself). Luckily I have some great colleagues who took me out to dinner last night and treated me and my fiancee to a nice sendoff dinner at a local (and incredible) Indian restaurant. Hardly the healthiest choice but I stuck to tea – no beer for the new man I am!

There are only two things which really keep me going during this stressful time – the upcoming vacation where, wedding or not, I know I will feel so much more relaxed and the GYM!  There is nothing silly or “energy” related to it – IT’S SCIENCE. Everyone feels the same because why? – Your body releases endorphins (hormones associated with happiness and reward) when you exercise. Also your testosterone (don’t need to explain that one) levels increase and your epinephrin (adrenaline) increases. So the reason I feel good after the gym and I feel like my problems are solvable is more than just “because I went to the gym”… the exercise has literally turned my body into a powerhouse of positive energy, muscles pumped for ‘fight or flight’ and feelings of aggressive confidence.

And if that isn’t enough each of these items is helping to consume energy from carbohydrates and fat in my body, while leveling out my cortisol (stress hormone) levels and overall just making my mind and my body a healthier place to be.

So next time you think “I’m too sad/tired/bummed out to go to the gym”, remember:

But to the point: I have not long to go until my wedding so I have recruited the help of the one man who can deliver the hail mary of fitness: my personal trainer in Singapore. I’m going home via Singapore and I have a one day layover. During that short 24 hour stint, I have booked this machine of body transformation for a 2 hour “if I don’t throw up – you have failed” style session before I get on the plane. This man is hilarious – he is huge but not the least bit unnaturally so. I will say only this: He is the reason you have 60Kg dumbells in your gym.

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