Day 17 – 10th July – Muscles & Buddies

Posted: July 10, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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I saw a comment on the diary post from yesterday and “IceBadger” made a very good point which I want to reiterate in this post. Balance of your workouts is essential. I’ve been fortunate enough to previously have Personal Trainers and they have always warned me of the dangers of going to the gym for your chest a biceps every day, neglecting your core, your legs, your back, your triceps etc. Narcissism is a powerful force… It doesn’t just drive us to work out only those muscles we can see so clearly but worse was what nearly happened yesterday.

I was working out and, as in all gyms, I was surrounded by mirrors. Yesterday was chest and Triceps, so really, the mirrors should have served only one purpose yesterday: to check my form. And yet, as all of us do, between sets I would take a moment to do a body overview. I found myself thinking, “I want my chest to be bigger” and “I want tighter abs”. Soon enough I found myself wanting to abandon my workout so that I could work on those instead.

Luckily I was strong and reminded myself “Chest & Biceps have their own day – today it’s my Back and Triceps, now get back in there”.

But there is a lot of truth to what IceBadger said – it’s not just about balance but if you want to go down the vanity train of thought, you have to workout everything evenly for the body you’re looking for. No one ever wanted triceps flatter than a Mongolian Plane coupled with Breast-Implant-Sized biceps!!! Each muscle supports another, so don’t strain by overtraining one and not training it’s buddy. If your workout plan includes a muscle, think about which buddy you should also be taking time to train (Chest / Back. Core / Lower Back, Triceps / Biceps, Hamstrings / Quads etc.)

What is the easiest way to ensure you do all this? It’s simple: MAKE A PLAN AND STICK TO IT. If you have made today “Back Day” and you know Chest day is just round the corner, you feel a lot less tempted to cave in and switch. Focus on what’s important – and that’s ALL of your body – as one.

Enough with the lecture! I know you all know the above very well but it’s true. I decided also that the best way I could make sure I’m focussed is if I tracked my back and profile as obsessively as I tracked the front. So after the gym, with the help of a very supportive fiancee I took a round snapshot, including my new favourite part of my body: My back.Image

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    😀 woohoo
    I have never been mentioned in anyone’s blog before 😀
    Also that makes a lot of sense…In the spirit of trying to find balance, I tried pilates the other day…to offset all of the circuits / mma / kettlebell intensity…I was surprised that I enjoyed it, and it stopped my muscles hurting…until the next circuits class anyway!

    • Well you raised a very important issue and give credit where credit is due 🙂

      I have never done Pilates myself but also haven’t done MMA. (The very idea of MMA type of intensity gives me the willies. Insanity I can handle but MMA is so much more intense…) Still, never say never!

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