Day 16 – 9th July : Hypertrophy & Thanks Heavens

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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So this morning I feel … well I’ll just say it : Hardcore.

With only a few days until I leave for my wedding and less than two weeks until I get married to my beautiful fiancee, I’ve pulled all the stops. Last night I spent an hour in the gym after a quick warmup and did just chest and biceps (my glamour muscles). It felt amazing. Why did it feel so different to usual – I have my objective. I want to enlarge these “glamour” muscles and now thanks to the NASM Training Manual I bought for personal trainers, I learned about the basics for training with the objective of increasing size (this is known as Hypertrophy). What I was doing was combined sets, and rather than using opposing muscles (e.g. chest and back) in the superset, I used the same muscle twice or three times. This really pushes it to fatigue and maximises the pump in the muscle. As such I was combining incline press with pushups, or benchpress with dumbbell flies. It felt incredible and thanks to the stretching, I’m back in form to go back tonight for some back and tricep work. Ultimately it was so good that I returned to my flat, not dripped but sodden. I wrung the sweat out of my workout shirt and I left what must have been a pint of sweat on the floor.

Why am I super excited though – I did Insanity this morning too. I was dreading it to be honest as it was 6am and I had washing up to do, I had to clean up my dinner from last night which I was too dead to throw away. But I did it all the same. I opened my laptop and checked my schedule and I’m telling you: I COULD HAVE KISSED SHAUN T. Why??? Anyone doing Insanity will understand when I say I looked at the assignment for the day and it was Cardio Recovery.

I will not exaggerate but my face looked a little something like this:


I would like to leave one small note however: The above would be what I classify as over-training. This is my hail-mary before my wedding but I will be going back into a more sustainable routine once I return home.

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    I hope you do go back to a more balanced set of exercises…I was talking to my personal trainer about the people in the weight training area, and he said that there are people who over train the front (chest and biceps) and end up being a very odd shape indeed…and not as fit as they think
    I have every confidence that you will work the opposing muscles just as hard…but I just thought I’d pass this on…and If you are doing Insanity…you are probably going to be much fitter than most people so there is no danger there 🙂
    Keep up the good work

    • Hello!

      Yeah I do keep it very balanced. I’m not the guy who should model for the “don’t skip leg day” pictures hahaha. I learned a long time ago from my personal trainer, the important of working out each segment of your body. As a result, thanks to him, I pay way more attention to what counts now, cardio, core strength and my back.

      Thanks as always for the support!!!! 🙂

      • Ice_Badger says:

        that is good, from the rest of your blog I thought you probably did…but it just coincided so perfectly with a conversation i was having on Saturday! 🙂

        Support is no problem at all! I know how important it is 🙂

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