Day 15 – 8th July – Third Photo-Compare Weigh In

Posted: July 8, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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I’m honestly not sure how I did here. The truth is that I worked hard last week but was thrown off balance by having my Dad in town. This meant Italian food and wine. To be honest, I was a little disappointed in myself for caving so easily on a lot of things but the main thing is that I turned down desserts and didn’t touch beer. That, alone, represents a small amount of success for me.

I did insanity or gym consistently last week despite my plans, being weak only on Saturday. Yesterday I was in the gym pumping some upper-body work with free-weight bench press, normal bench press, curls, and some other moves I know well but do not know the name of. It was so hot (air con was broken and it was 34 degrees OUTSIDE the little box-gym in my condo. Inside I could have started my own swimming pool for the amount I sweated. I was proud of my results though and I worked hard. The best part was, I’m back to my confident self. Yesterday I was working out and there were three other guys in the gym who must have been 3 times as strong as me but I felt confident in my form, confident that my results were good for me and powered through.

Feels good to be back in the gym but I want to keep at the Insanity/Gym mix as Insanity has been good to me for burning fat. I have to up the ante though as I leave for the UK in less than a week for my wedding. My hometown in UK has no gym or anything, so I bought Dad and I a TRX kit each as well as my insanity dvds and a new Polar watch for myself. I am committed to running or doing an hour of TRX or doing an insanity every day I’m in the UK (with the exception of the wedding day and the day after of course). I don’t think my wife will want our first morning together spent with me yelling “DIG DEEPER”.

Well with enough delaying done there, here is the Week 2/Week 3 comparison. (I will only bring in week 1 for the comparison every 4th week to show the real progress. I am still looking tigher around the abs but my concern is the flattening of some of my muscles. It’s inevitable as I lose those fat deposits but I need to dig deeper and really work if I’m going to get that “Men’s Health” cover model, beach body look I’m going for.

Also just as an important note: Thanks to everyone who is following my blog. You really keep me going 🙂Image

  1. rlynnmoore says:

    I am of the any progress is success mentality! So don’t be too hard on yourself. Plus there is something about summer and the craziness of trips and visits that make it really hard to resist the constant influx of funnel cakes and wine festivals and barbecues. All you can do is stay focused and wake up the next day with your goals in mind. At least that is what I try to do. : )

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