Day 12 – 5th July – Opened a Can of Whoop-Ass on Pete

Posted: July 5, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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Last night I was nearly completely defeated by Pete (my inner pessimist). Plyometric Cardio Circuits on a good day nearly leave you with a collapsed lung but yesterday, when I started after Chinese class at 7pm following my walk home – when Level 1 Drills, Ski Abs and In/Outs all in a row, three times over after killing myself on basketball jumps came up – it was too much to bare. It was the weirdest feeling, which I haven’t had since I first started working out. I was so dead I actually felt like crying. I was so angry at myself for standing there catching my breath, hands on my hips while Shaun-T’s voice in the background was still going “IN…….OUT…….IN…….OUT”. Ultimately on the last set I pushed as hard as possible, leaving nothing behind also on the jabs, upper cuts and the attack but I still felt down about my performance. But I really hated myself.

But here is where I took things to the next level mentally.

1: I remembered I’m not Shaun T.

Of course they can keep going – they are fitness professionals, I need to grade myself compared to myself, not compared to the people in an exercise video who are all fitness professionals or I’m never going to be satisfied. I always have to push harder but I have to respect this is a journey. I have now identified this set in PCC as one of my Final BeatPete objectives. Once I can do Basketball Jumps, Level 1 Drills, Ski Abs and In/Outs (maybe not perfectly but without collapsing into a mess mid-set) then I will know Pete is truly losing the battle with me.

2. I didn’t let it affect my plan

Afterwards, I looked in the mirror and was looking at the love handles which seem to refuse to budge. The Abs are toning but the love-handles are still gleefully hanging on. I was honestly tempted to just skip dinner. I thought – I haven’t earned it and I really want to shift this pouch of fat. I talked to my girlfriend about it and then ultimately I remembered that I had just lectured her on fasting and how it actually is counter-productive so I manned up and ate my lamb salad (no dressing).

The other reason I ate dinner was because I had a plan. I was not going to let Pete win that round and I wanted to show Pete how I don’t give up on a fight. So this morning at 6am, I got up, cleaned the house and then I did went 100% Pure Cadio before coming to work. Yeah that’s right – curse you Pete!

That is the kind of person I want to be and it’s the kind of person I’m determined to become. I want to be that person that doesn’t just say the words but lives by the adage of: It doesn’t matter how hard you fall, it’s about getting back up and taking the hits. (Mix there of standard maxim and Rocky moment).

Now my ankles are killing me (probably comes from doing 2 of the most intense insanity programmes in the course of 12 hours). I’m going to be doing totally non-Impact Secret Office Workouts today – Side Planks to tougher the obliques without any pressure on my ankles.

While I’m here – I would love to hear people’s experiences/tips about ridding one’s-self of pesky love handles. Are there specific exercises I might want to consider or is it just one of those fat stores which will be drained as I continue to train and eat healthily? All Advice Welcome 🙂

  1. Hi. Just saw your comment on my blog and am keeping my promise to visit yours. 🙂
    You ask about love handles. Yes, they can disappear in time. I noticed mine are going (still a little to go), but it takes time. For me, diet has a huge effect on my weight, much more than exercise. I began working out regularly (5-6 times a week) last November, but I didn’t lose any weight until I changed my diet and began eating smaller, more balanced portions. I did that in Feb. of this year and have lost 6 kgs. since then.
    Be patient. It takes time to get the body you want.

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