I want to start this post on a very positive note. Last night I did my Insanity fit test and while I didn’t take the numbers, I know one thing: I definitely improved.But, I hear you ask, if I wasn’t taking notes on my times this time how would I know I improved? Well it’s important when you are doing the fit test, Plyometric Cardio Curcuit or even just some barbell squats, improvement is in more than just the numbers.

1: My Cardio Improved. Everyone has had that moment where they thought their heart was going to explode out of their chest if they didn’t stop. During the fit test, I usually hit that several times. This time though I only had to take a couple breaks and unlike week 1 – did not think I was about to vomit all over the shower floor afterwards.

2: My Form Improved: I think ShaunT would have my back here when I say that this is more important than anything else. This is for two reasons – it means I’m more aware of my posture and my form (essential if I’m going to be injury-free) but also it means my core strength has improved. As an example, when I was doing the Suicide Jumps (or burpees, or whatever you want to call them), when I hit the floor, my back didn’t sag, my ass didn’t drop and on the way up, when I got tired, the legs were still moving as one – all of this meaning that for the first time, I was using my core properly during the burpees keeping it tight, keeping my back straight and keeping the form perfect(ish).

3: I Looked Forward To It: And that’s when you know you are truly in the right frame of mind. I remembered what the Fit Test was like the first time, but I also remember what the first Cardio Power felt like (as did Shaun T where he was so tired he couldn’t remember the names of his moves!). But I know I’ve been improving so I looked forward to really showing that to myself in the Fit Test.

So overall, this Fit Test last night meant a lot to me in terms of my mental development and motivation. I am more eager than ever to keep going.

So eager that I have already decided today’s Secret Office Workout: Squat-Kicks (You do a squat and as you lift off, you kick in front of you in a controlled way, then switch) 30x – every hour on the hour.

To show improvement – next photo is on the 8th of July so I have to keep it up!


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