Day 10 – 3rd July – Pete Has Lost

Posted: July 3, 2013 in Fitness Diary, Motivation
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Last night I truly defeated Pete (my inner-pessimist, for the new followers). I recently mentioned in one of my posts about my Gym Heroes. The truth is that I wasn’t lying in that post – the people who get past all self-consciousness, get in the gym and get it done really do inspire me. And yesterday thinking about these very people was what drove me to do something I haven’t done in a while: go to my condo gym.

In my condo gym, I signed up a while ago and was quite looking forward to a new gym (as I’m a regular gym goer) but when I went on my first day, everyone was absolutely stacked. I’m talking ‘bodybuilder’-huge. I was the only guy in the gym even nearly my size. They would take a peek at how much I was benching, at my form, which exercises I had chosen (or so I believed). As a result, despite leaving smiling, I didn’t want to go back. The longer I took to rally myself to return, the worse it got because, I had a super nice gym manager (who is also huge by the way) who was going to ask where I had been for the last month. So I put it off and put it off and started to mentally write off my membership fee.

Even once I got into this fitness journey I figured, ‘hey, I can just work out from home. That’d work great’. But when reading the blogs of fitness professionals describing the kind of work that needs to go in to reach my sort of goal, I knew weights were needed. So what did I do? … I considered buying some weights for my house despite having a gym just downstairs.

Something happened to me though, after I wrote my post about gym heroes. I started his blog not just to keep myself on track but to highlight where I need to improve, get advice but also, hopefully inspire someone who is on the fence regarding their fitness.

And last night I decided I was failing all of those goals. I paid homage to those who inspire me, but I was failing to really show how much. So last night, I put on my shorts and sports top, got mentally pumped up and began the long (probably about 30 steps) walk to the gym. There he was, the huge smiling gym manager, the personal trainer pumping some guy to go harder on the treadmill, and 3 other guys. They were not body builders and to my surprise, I felt (again) like Mister Average Joe, just here for a good, solid workout.

It is very likely that the gym is most often filled with these sorts of guys, but I let those huge guys intimidate me completely through my own mindset. But now I’m back – I lifted, I benched, I curled and I’ve never felt happier. This was very truly one of the last obstacles Pete had against me and my progress.

So I’ve already paid homage to my Gym Heroes and called them my inspiration but now it’s time to say thank you because you all didn’t just inspire me to believe I should – you inspired me into action. So thank you to my Gym Heroes, and also to my followers for keeping me driven and inspired to be better.


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