Well here we are – one week after I started documenting my journey.

Weight – 84.5Kg (Down from 86Kg)
Body Fat:
… my scale is completely broken I have determined and will be excluding this.

Here is the good news: I not only think I see an improvement but I FEEL an improvement. I don’t just mean that in the sense that I can push harder or longer but more-so in the fact that I get up at 6am in the morning and I don’t do a workout with dread or irritation but with joy. I literally wake up every day and I can’t wait to work out! I sit at work and all I can think about is my workout at home or my next Secret Office Workout.

So what’s this week’s plan:

Every morning I am doing a weight-free (but tough) mat-exercise-combinations called TactFit (Tactical Fitness). In the evenings I will do either Insanity or Weight Training (3 of each). Sunday will be my glorious rest day. (And naturally I will be continuing my Secret Office Workouts but keeping it more to balance and core than power and strength as my muscles need to recover obviously!)

This morning my TactFit was 4 sets of the below with no rest between stations:

  • 20 seconds of Quad Hops
  • 20 seconds of Tripod
  • 20 seconds of Swing-Planks

Tonight will be Cardio Power & Resistance with Insanity (after my 8pm conference call). Tomorrow will be the gym (after my Chinese Class).

Finally in conclusion of the below – the anticipated progress picture of office-body to beach-body:Image I think I see some improvement. Still gotta focus on love-handles, overall size and lower ab definition. I won’t have time to blog tonight, so this was taken last night. Also – yes… I am flexing/cheating.

  1. Good job so far. Even with the flexing there is still visibly more definition in your biceps and that’s a really good sign that your building muscle and burning important calories. Greater than that your getting into a fitness mind state where the work is fun and not a burden anymore which is going to take you to a very high level of fitness. Cheers.

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