Paying Homage To My Gym Heroes

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Fitness, Motivation
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This post is along a similar thread to something I reposted from Facebook but I wanted to actually write a blog about the people I consider to be my personal Gym-Heroes.

Recently I went into the new gym in my compound. I’m used to being the “Average Joe” in the gym. I’m not skinny, nor am I fat. I’m not buff, nor am I puny. I’m just an athletic guy with fair lifting capability. So when I went to my new gym, I felt immasculated. Every guy in this small gym was the size I wish I was or bigger. They were toned, athletic and were curling the weight I was benching – it was pure madness and I felt about 2 inches tall. I was reduced from a confident fitness fella to a quivering little “laowai (foreigner) boy”. Even the 50 year old gym manager who wore baggy sweatpants from the 90’s blew me away when he took off his shirt to pose with some of the other guys there. He was just ripped from shoulder to core. He wasn’t a braggart and was actually an exceedingly kind man with a very gentle way about him. I will confess that after my first workout there… I have not had the balls to go back. Why? I feel silly being in a gym with those guys who are so much larger, so much more toned than I am.

So who are my Gym-Heroes – those guys? Not at all. My Gym-Heroes are the people who are not phased by that. My Gym-Heroes are the people who have fallen off the wagon, are miles off their target weight and yet there they are in the gym, pounding away at that treadmill, grinding their teeth slamming that medicine ball down and giving all or nothing on their squats. These are the folks who are surrounded by people who run faster than them, run longer than them, have flatter stomachs or bigger biceps but don’t care. They say “I’m not here for you, I’m here for me. My goal isn’t to look like you, it’s to look like a better me. I am here to compare myself to where I was before I walked in here, not to compare myself to you. The way you look right now is inconsequential to how I’m training me. I’m here for a better me and that’s what matters“.

People like my friend who was always the chubby guy in school, who just said “I’m done with this” and ran the same distance every weekend – always planning to take one less break, walk one less minute and run it instead. He went to the gym and he worked hard and now he is fit, strong, competes in swimming competitions etc. He never compared himself to anyone else. He knew what he wanted for himself and that was all that mattered.

So to those of you who might feel intimidated in the gym or are not comfortable with how you look but you go anyway – know this…. I admire you more than you know. The beach-body guys in my gym are not my inspiration – you are.

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    as a short rounded girl with unruly hair who walked into the free weights area of her gym and stared down the big guys with big arms and giant weights who all glared at me when i walked in and *shock horror* actually started working out, I wish everyone had a similar attitude!

    • Well good for you for going in there and getting it done despite them. Their idiocy has got a whole lot of bugger-all to do with your workout, your progress and your results!

  2. […] Pete (my inner-pessimist, for the new followers). I recently mentioned in one of my posts about my Gym Heroes. The truth is that I wasn’t lying in that post – the people who get past all […]

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