Day 7 – 30th June – The Wagon Is One Person Lighter…

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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…because I kind of fell off it!

Yesterday, as you all know, my Dad came into town. A bit of a fitness nut himself, he is quite intimidating when it comes to matters of training so I preferred to go without training in front of him. I started the day strong, getting up at 7am on a weekend to get my Cardio Recovery training in before he arrived. I got that done (while half asleep) and then proceeded to spend the next hours cleaning the house in preparation for his arrival and taking my girlfriend to the hospital (nothing serious but needed a MedicalCert for taking the day off work to recover).

Main point is that I was staying strong, despite feeling a bit down about my lack of progress and the tummy still poking out of the Tshirt-silhouette. Until the evening when I caved and had a curry for dinner. We were too tired to go out and so we decided to order in. Chicken Vindaloo with Garlic Naan was hardly what I was talking about earlier when I practically preached to you all on willpower…

I shall not be discouraged, today I’m back on the wagon, starting my day at 7am with some strong black coffee, some fresh raw salmon and scrambled eggs. Does that make up for yesterday’s digression – no. But that’s not the point and here is why: I consider that if I treat every digressions as something to “be made up for” then eventually I end up in a vicious cycle of Diet-Debt which is impossible to recover from and is simply demotivating. Also it gives me the wrong attitude toward food. I will start to think of my diet as a series of goods and bads which need to balance in my book. I instead prefer to take the approach that I made a mistake by giving in – and now I’m back. It’s that simple and it should be! That way I feel guilt for my mistake but I’m starting the new day fresh and back to my mission.

Tonight – Cardio Power and Resistance and then tomorrow Plyometric Cardio Circuits. More importantly though – tomorrow is ‘picture day’. I will owe you guys a picture to show a week’s progress from Day 1. I hope not to disappoint so I shall, in the words of the great Shaun T, dig deeper. I owe you guys that much after my vindaloo at least.

I would like to dedicate this post to my dearest left trainer, whose sole finally came off today after hanging on for so long after months of abuse. Rest In Peace my dearest trainers.. You served me well.



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