Success… It’s A Very Deliberate Thing

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Fitness, Motivation
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There is this amazing motivational speaker I have recently been paying some attention to – Eric Thomas and the guy makes a lot of sense when it comes to the realities of what it means to be successful. He doesn’t mean specifically in fitness, education or athletics but success in general – achieving goals and dreams.

His spiel is basically around the idea of “How Bad Do You Want It”. Much of what he says inspires me but today, one quote in particular caught my attention:

In order to succeed – you must be willing, at any time, to give
up who you are for who you may become.

This quotation really resonates with me as it says a lot about the journey I have begun. In the weeks where I lost my motivation and started to slug out (and plump out) my habits really sunk in – Getting up, going to work, coming home, getting changed watching a DVD of whatever show I was into with my girlfriend, eating dinner and going to bed.

In order for me to succeed, as in not just hit my target but really change who I am for the better and maintain this journey I have to leave that man behind. I have to leave behind the man who would rather watch a series of DVDs than succeed, who would rather drink than succeed. It’s very true what he says – Success is deliberate. No one ever woke up, got out of bed and was successful.

I do not mean to say that I’m never going to watch a DVD or swear off alcohol but I am going to leave behind the man who would neglect his health and exercise to indulge his unproductive habits. I know who I want to become – and that journey to sacrificing who I am is well under way.


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