Day 5 – 28th June – It’s Only A Number…

Posted: June 28, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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…and a cheaply made home weighing scale but more on that later.

Last night as you are all aware, I was out at a client meeting (dinner and drinks at a bar). This is my home of temptation as I’m a burger guy and the long-island ice-teas at this particular bar are enough to make you want to live there. While not-drinking was not an option (I’m doing business in China so it would be rude for my client to drink while I’m on the Juice) my client was courteous enough to not judge me when I cracked into the red wine instead of the usual beer or heavy liquor. I decided this was the healthiest alcohol I could select, explaining that it’s “good for my heart”. Then for food, I flipped past the burgers in the menu and actually passed the salads (since when was everything in salads fried?!) and ultimately selected a 10oz steak with veggies. It’s not perfect but it’s high protein, and so delicious I forgot about the burger.

This morning it came back to haunt me. I am out again tonight and I heard Pete (my inner pessimist)’s voice “Bro… this is crazy. It’s 6am, you can still feel the wine in your head, you’re sluggish, you can barely open your eyes and you have to go out tonight again! Not to mention your dad is here on the weekend. Tell you what bro – pass this one, hit it hard on Saturday before your Dad flies in and you will barely have lost a step!” …. Not this time Pete. I lugged myself out of bed, set up the mats (with oh so much help from my cat) opened up my laptop and by 6:10am I was doing Plyometric Cardio Circuits with Shaun T.

I would be lying if I said I gave it 100% as the wine in the brain was still very much present from the night before. That’s not the point. I have never got up at 6am before for a workout… I hate to disappoint you but this isn’t the point where I say “and I loved it!”. It was horrible. But I closed my eyes, remembered my goal, psyched myself up and dug in.

Now my official weigh in and picture is on Monday but I did take a peek at the scales and was horrified! According to my scales, I had lost weight but my body fat % was the same. That means I’ve either lost muscle, bone or a ton of water? How can I have lost weight but not lost fat? Every day I’m doing Insanity, my Secret Office Workouts are in their third day so I couldn’t understand how the two numbers matched up. But that’s the point – they are only numbers. Here are the facts – I’ve been eating well, haven’t touched a beer all week, been doing Insanity exercises one-two times per day since my weigh in. I walk to work every day and home again totaling about 4,500 steps. Those are indisputable figures and I know how hard I work. The scale’s figures are all variable – when did I last eat, is this in the morning or the afternoon, is this pre or post workout etc.

The numbers are variable but my commitment and my workouts are not, so I am not the least bit disheartened. I’m irritated that my weighing scale seems to have a death wish by provoking me, but overall I’m not phased. The fact is I know I’m working out, everything I know about fitness says I must be burning fat and toning muscle so here’s my thought for the day:

I Let The Numbers Guide My Objectives – Not Define My Results.

The above naturally excludes our doctors who have much better equipment and testing than my crappy Carrefour body-fat analyser.

On a happy side-note, I have decided what today’s Secret Office Workout will be. I can’t remember the name of it but it’s where you do push ups and pull your knees, one at a time to your shoulder. And in the spirit of insanity, rather than doing reps – I’ll do 30 seconds. However many I can do in that time. Wish me luck!


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