Temptation – Pete’s Favourite Game

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Temptation – it’s everywhere. I don’t just mean the sweets, sugary drinks and midnight snacks. Those are examples of personal choices that affect only yourself. But what about Social Guilt as a tempter?

I just had mine at lunch today. I have a colleague who is transferring to another organization next week and so naturally, we are going to be taking her out to lunch and dinner that day. I cannot force everyone to stick to MY health & fitness regime. I had already eaten my lunch (Grilled Chicken breast with steamed veggie salad since you’re asking) in the office but joined my colleagues in the restaurant for coffee.

They began discussing plans for tomorrow and they asked if I was coming. Naturally I will be attending but shared that I will be choosing the healthy option or in the worst case scenario pack some salad back to the office.

Then I heard something magical – Pete’s words out of the mouths of my colleagues. They all chimed together “come on man! It’s one day! You can eat what you want for a day!! Just make up for it on Monday”……. Sound familiar?

I chose this moment to share with them my discovery of my inner-pessimist, Pete, who always makes excuses and holds me back. Suddenly they began to understand and have named theirs too. We have an “Emily” and a “Jessica” in the office now and I asked them to respect how much I dislike my Pete.

I was lucky that my colleagues were so understanding but sometimes others are not. The worst “social” tempter has to be family – our Mum’s and Grandmothers who feed us incessantly and not always with the healthy option. So what can we do?

Other than just trying to talk to them about your objectives and asking their support – perhaps we should do something a bit more drastic – we cook for them! There are some great recipes out there for tasty and healthy food and perhaps it’s important for us to take the first step if we are going to keep on track. You never know, you might actually inspire them to take a similar road.

Sadly temptation will always be there, but it’s all about willpower. I firmly believe that willpower is like a muscle. The more times I’ve sat in front of a pizza and chosen the grilled salmon, the easier it becomes. You can’t benchpress at 100% with perfect form on your first go – and it’s the same with willpower – you will fail occasionally. The important thing is to get up, dust yourself off and say, not next time Pete.

So I end with this thought – Willpower is like a muscle. It won’t be perfect first time and it takes practice, exercise and execution to say “no” – but it grows stronger every time you exercise it.


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