Day 4 – 27 June – I Beat Pete

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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So as you all know, yesterday I had to rush home from work to go to my CardioPower&Resistance and eat dinner before running back to the office to do a sales presentation (to 12 clients simultaneously FYI!!!) at 10pm.

I pushed like hell during my CPR and left nothing behind, I chowed down on my chicken and veggie salad, got my laptop, nailed the presentation and was home by 1130pm.

Now why do I say I beat Pete (My Inner Pessimist)? Because it doesn’t stop there. Today I had an 830 am call with a client in my office and I have another  client meeting tonight straight from work. How can I do insanity tonight? It’s impossible. So I got up at 6am and I killed it. I was doing Pure Cardio at full pelt within 4 minutes of opening my eyes from the night’s slumber.

Tonight my challenge will be that I will be out with a client and we are meeting at a bar and I have to drink. (For those of you that don’t know I do business in China so I’m not in a position to make my client drink alone!) I will control myself, however. Posts to follow on how I do!

And Today’s Secret Office Workout: 30 Second Planks. Every Hour. On The Hour.

Only a few days to go now before my weekly picture weigh-in for you all on Monday so I’ve got to step up my game. I’m accountable to you all!


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