What’s For Lunch

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Here is one of my biggest challenges.

Living in Shanghai I’m surrounded by food options of every variety – except the healthy kind in my area. I have Japanese, Curries, Dim-Sum, Sichuan food up to my eyeballs but only one place for salad.

How then to I control myself? The solution was quite simple actually. Every weekend my girlfriend buys 6 large organic chicken breasts, seasons them and freezes them. Then each night, we defrost, cook it in the morning and bring it to work accompanied by an easy-pack salad.

Today though – no chicken 😦 My colleagues went to a deliciously-sinful restaurant called Grandma’s Kitchen. Thankfully I have a fellow health-nut in the office and we are currently enjoying salad and juices from the one healthy local option.

Tuna Niciouse (no idea how to spell that) without the juicy mayo and my carrot/apple juice. NomNomNom.


Slightly more boring that my usual lunch but... no guilt!

Slightly more boring that my usual lunch but… no guilt!


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