Day 3 – 26th June – Aftermath

Posted: June 26, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary
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As promised, I raced home after work and completed my CardioPower workout. It went as well as could be expected but I wanted to open something up for discussion here.

Previously I was doing the Insanity workout and after a few days my legs began to ache – not the muscles but the bones in my lower legs. Not just the shins either but all the bones and all the way from knee to ankle. It’s really odd and extremely offputting while I’m exercising as it is exacerbated each time I land hard from a power jump or when I do rapid work like the log jumps.

I assumed last time that it was a combination of the hard floor I was exercising on and the fact that I was barely doing any walking (my office and home used to be 6 minutes walk apart). Now it’s happening again though and I’m only in week 2!

Next week, I will be mixing up insanity and weight-work in the gym to start trying to pull some definition and growth into the muscles insanity has been priming for work. I would assume that this should mean it begins to subside but before then I still have several more to do and (heavens forbid) the dreaded fit test!

Has anyone else experienced this kind of leg-pain or would anyone have any tips? The best I can think of is that I’m landing on my feet wrong, resulting in my ankles and calves taking unbalanced weightloads or something.

Appreciate any input from those with something similar. Important stats would be that I’m 86Kg (190lbs) and 6’2” (188cm) and it’s all long-legs!

  1. I actually have a bade knee which in the past has caused me problems with jumping workouts. To strengthen all of my bones so their not problematic I actually take vitamin d3, silica and other supplements to give my bones optimal strength. I have not felt any pain in my leg bones or my knee in a really long time even when doing high impact workouts. Also I don’t wear regular running shoes for exercise anymore, I used vibram five finger shoe which really takes away any ache an pain from high impact leg workouts, also they strengthen my foot muscles which eases the stran on my leg muscles and bones. Take care my friend and be safe. Good post.

    • Thanks for the great response! This is really helpful and I’ll certainly give some of these a try. I don’t want to give my inner-pessimist, “Pete” any excuse to hold me back so I want my legs in fighting shape for the battle ahead!

      Thanks again for getting in touch and I’m glad to hear your knee is now in good shape.

      All the best to you mate!

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