Motivation Killers

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Fitness, Motivation, Uncategorized
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The main motivation killer for me are the many distractions in my life and finding the time.

I am a Business Development Manager and spend much of my time doing late night conference calls with clients on the other side of the world. Also I work until 630 every day and do Chinese lessons 3 times a week. Also it’s a 25 minute (2,200 step) walk to and from work in the hot Shanghai air (around 35C).

My girlfriend and I are both working so we both share the responsibility for the housework (although she does take the lion’s share of it bless-her).

After a full day of sitting at my desk, my energy slowly sapping away, then focussing on my Mandarin language training after that, I get home with chores waiting like the dishes and laundry and ultimately I want nothing more than to just sit down and eat dinner. After eating dinner – a workout is a terrible idea, at least in the short-term. So how do I keep myself motivated so that when I get home, I’m ready to workout the second the tie comes off?

How to I keep myself motivated? Like anything it’s all in the mind:

Checkout Workout Blogs & Success Stories

I love going online and reading other people’s journey’s and success stories. It really reminds me that if you push, you win! No prizes for second-place.

Listen to My Workout Tracks at Work

I am very possibly the only person I know who will sit in his office doing an excel sheet with margins, profits and losses to calculate – all the while blasting Metallica or Opeth through my earphones. Why? It’s like a mental trigger – when you are listening to your workout music, your body goes into that mode, testosterone starts bumping and your heart rate goes up. My body practically starts begging me to work-out.

Think About Why I Am Doing It

It’s easy to remind yourself why it’s hard to keep dedicated to your journey. But it’s important to remind yourself of the destination. I keep a Muscle & Fitness magazine on my desk at work to remind myself that this isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle I really want to stick to!


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