Day 2 – June 25th – Limits and My Inner Pessimist

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Fitness, Fitness Diary, Motivation
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During the course of my workout this evening I discovered two things. They are so close they almost contradict each other but knowing the difference is the important between awesome results and having a heart attack.

I Hit My Limit

Tonight I planned to do Plyometric Cardio Circuit & Cardio Power & Resistance (BeachBody INSANITY – Shaun T). Sadly tonight I failed you. I did PCC but I could not bring myself to do CPR (just realised the irony in the abbreviation.)

I got home today, walking through the thunderstorm after Chinese class for the half hour. I refused to take a cab because this is my walk. I use that walk to clear my head of work, to get my head in the zone so that I am pumped and can begin working out the second I get in.

Before I started my workout, I accepted one fact: There was a chance I had taken on too much. Rather than going at half speed to save enough energy for both, I decided I would leave nothing behind and see where my spirit took me. During my PCC, I gave 100%, leaving torso-shaped sweat patches on my mat while my cat looked on in complete contempt for the all noise I was making.

Today though – I did hit my limit.

Inner Pessimist

The second thing I discovered today which I can’t believe I never noticed before is that there is something I think everyone has but only the great athletes overcome. There is an inner-pessimist within all of us. I shall call mine “Pete” – it’s that voice inside your head that says: “Dude the mat is splitting. You should stop to put the mat together before continuing”
“Hey mate, this is tough, better to take a quick break and get back in once you’re back in the zone”
And my favourite “Hey – you’re doing so much better than last time, anything past here is a bonus”.

Pete is particularly aggravating as he sounds just like the part of my brain which is genuinely concerned about my safety; the part that says, “Keep going, but slow down – your bending your back in the squats because you’re not focused. The difference is that my brain is keeping me safe – Pete is holding me back.

If I’m going to really achieve my goals – I need to learn to hear the difference between my brain and Pete.

How Is Discovering Pete & My Limit Important For Me

My confession is that I did not give up on doing CPR after PCC because I was in danger, it’s because I was tired and felt that attempting another hardcore cardio exercise would yield little benefit as I have no energy left. Sounds a lot like Pete right?

While, to an extend, Pete had a small victory today, he won’t win ultimately because I left nothing behind today in PCC, busting my ass and leaving sweat all over the mat and I am now training not just my body but my mind.

Here is where I’m learning about myself and about the difference between training your body and training your whole-self. We all know it’s about the mind but let me break this down in real terms.

Today I over-estimated my ability. I chose two of the most exhausting Insanity programmes for me and said I would do them on the same day. That was unrealistic and I failed. BUT, will I ‘learn’ from this and choose only to do one next time? No. You don’t know what you are capable of until you try. If this comes around again and I have to ask myself if I’m going to do both, I will say yes. This isn’t realistic but to hell with “realistic” – when I decide what is ‘realistic’ and set myself for realistic I’m setting boundaries. When I choose the unrealistic – that’s how I will beat my best expectations of myself. And the day I achieve unrealistic – that is the day that I will be able to say: “I am unstoppable”.

  1. caralamah says:

    Love it! I’m actually doing the Insanity workouts as well!

    Love your writing skills too! Fantastic stuff!

  2. 90days2 says:

    Great blog 🙂 think i’ll need to train my “Pete” as well.

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