Day 1 – 24th June

Posted: June 25, 2013 in Fitness Diary
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Evening All!

  • Body Fat: 16.8% – (Goal 10%)
  • Weight (Kg): 85.9Kg (Goal 80Kg)
  • Today’s Exercise: Cardio Recovery & Pure Cardio (INSANITY WORKOUT)

Here is my Monday evening post, the very first of many.

While my overall goal is a beach-worthy-body the facts of the matter are these. In order for me to get that tone and definition I need to lose the soft-weight around the belly and tighten/grow the muscles – particularly my chest, shoulders, abs and arms…. and legs.

To do this, I’m going to be combining, over the next month or so, weight training as well as plyo-metric circuits (as seen in such fitness videos as Insanity). My first goal is to shed the body fat, while maintaining tone so Insanity with Shaun-T will make up the majority of my first few weeks.

Confession Time: Last night I drank very heavily and drank beer too (shame on me). To make up for this I’m doing a purely cardio workout today for 1.5 hours. This will include burpies, power jacks, extended squats, suicide jumps, globe jumps, the lot..

I’ll be tracking my stats in each post to show progress but will also be taking photos (pre-workout) at the same day/time each week to track progress. Below is how I’m starting my journey to beach-body

Week 1 of my tracking. All uphill from here!

Week 1 of my tracking. All uphill from here!



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